The Secret Audiobook – Common Mistakes When Recording Secret Audiobooks

Mistakes are bound to happen when doing any work which is a common thing with human beings. This is made even worse when modern technology comes into play but such mistakes can be easily avoided. In this article, all the information will zero in on the secret audiobook and the common mistakes that producers commit in the process of accomplishing their work. For you to avoid mistakes from happening, you must be willing to learn about such things because you will achieve nothing if uninformed appropriately.
61vo5fQR6OL The Secret Audiobook   Common Mistakes When Recording Secret AudiobooksUnwarranted movement is one of the deadly and costly mistakes that producers make when producing audiobooks. Such movement will definitely bring about noise which you must be keen to avoid as a producer. The noise can result from movement of clothes, jewelry, pieces of paper and many more which are easily avoidable. You do not want to be on the wrong side of history by repeating the same mistakes. If allowed to happen, this noise will distract the attention and concentration of listeners and end up ruining their overall experience.

A plosive is another mistake that you must be sure to avoid when producing a secret audiobook. This is caused by the air that comes out of the narrators’ mouth which can cause plosives once it hits the microphone. Such a thing is totally unwanted and it is upon you to try as much as possible to avoid it from happening when recording your audiobooks. Plosives have been known to come up when words starting with certain letters like “P” come at the beginning of sentences. This calls for your careful wording of the sentences to be used in an effort to cushion that from happening. At any given time, noise coming out of plosives will sound bad and annoying therefore you have no reason to entertain that in your recording.

There is no other bad mistake when recording audiobooks than distortion. Such a mistake will make your sound not to be audible enough while some sentences and words will end up misplaced. Distortion can come up when the sound of the microphone or the narrator is too high which should be regulated accordingly. You must use the level meter to take control over that because you are obviously keen on having the best sound for your production.

Sometimes, it is very difficult noticing distortion thus you have to be extra keen so as to take full note of that.Continuity has to be fully observed when recording the secret audiobook otherwise you will end up having a semiprofessional product. This can be a serious mistake if there is no continuity in your recording so being careful on that is vital. A continuous and flawless recording will guarantee consistency to your final audiobook product and that has to be treated with the full care it deserves. In general terms, you have to read within the required speed so as to avoid all these mistakes. Do not read too slowly or very fast but remain moderate in your mouth speed.

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